Seven-T - Artist


Tony Tubera (Seven-T) grew up in the hard streets of southside Modesto, Ca. With his father dealing drugs and his family addicted to them, Tony found himself surrounded by a life of gang violence, drugs and abuse. He grew up catholic but never felt there was anything there for him. Then at 12 yrs old he had his first encounter with God when his mother took him to a local church. When he walked in and saw people dancing and shouting he wondered why? Because his lifestyle was full of so much pain the only thing that stood out to him were the smiles on peoples faces. Tony said to himself that whatever that was he wanted it and gave his life over to Jesus that night. Shortly after his mother took him to a christian rap concert and it was then he knew he was called to do the same. Tony's parents divorced and he moved away with his mother a year later. He then walked away from church due to the divorce and over the next 5 years would begin to seek out acceptance through women and comfort through drugs. At 17 a close friend asked him if he wanted to go to church and the first thing that popped in Tony's mind were the smiles he saw at 12 and without hesitation he said yes. He rededicated his life that night and has been serving Jesus ever since. In 1999 he released his first album "Eternal Praise" with, then partner, Michael Bettencourt. 3 yrs later he changed his stage name from Tony T. to Seven-T and released his first solo project "Fired Up" through an independent label For His Purpose Records. He then released "Out Da Hood" in 2003 independently. He would then go on to release 2 other albums independently in 2005 and again in 2008. After a year and a half layoff Seven-T came back strong with a self-entitled album in 2012. He then released "Impossible" in Feb 2014, "Remarkable" in Feb 2015, "Eyes Wide Open" in Oct. 2015, Repeat After Me in Sept. 2016, Keep It Ben Frank mixtape in April 2017 and plans to release his 12th solo project titled "The Hallow Project" in July 2017!


What else has he accomplished you ask?  Seven-T has covered thousands miles traveling the United States. He has shared the stage with Grammy Award Winning artist Lecrae & Trip Lee.  Seven-T has worked with artists in the likes of Hog Mob founder Sevin, God Over Money's Datin, J Monty, Buck Barnabas, Illuminate, PyRexx, Bryann Trejo & many many more. He's also performed at venues with T-Bone, Tonex, Vanilla Ice, Avant, Trinity 5:7 to name a few. Seven-T has also opened for legends such as The Temptations and Diana Ross. The heart beat of his music is to inspire, encourage and bring hope to those who are lost and broken. With nearly 2 decades under his belt Seven-T hasn't shown any signs of slowing down and doesn't plan to any time soon.