by Seven-T (@datboy7t)

Released 02/10/2015
Released 02/10/2015
Seven-T's 9th Solo Album delivers 12 full tracks of compelling content, relevant topics, and colorful beats that will leave you wanting to keep it on repeat from start to finish.
  • 04:26 Lyrics Remarkable ft. Jon Shabaglian


    I was made to be, I was made to be, Remarkable



    When my tank is on empty, the odds are against me,

    My backs to the ropes and the statistics are staggering,

    I can’t deny it, the voice that I’m hearing,

    And it keeps on saying,

    That I was made to be remarkable (x3),

    I was made to be unstoppable (x3),

    I was made to be victorious (x3),

    And as sure as I breathe,

    I know that everything inside of me is saying I’m destined to be,




    Every single cell in my body was put here with a purpose,

    And every single choice I make, I make with a certain,

    Plan in mind, like a pantomime,

    My gestures show I’m mesmerized anytime I study this great design,

    And I’m searching,

    Inside I got a power that came from God and it’s working,

    And it’s setting me free when thoughts say I’m undeserving,

    I’m a waste of time I ain’t worth it,

    But that’s a lie that’s so surface,

    I’m going deep to keep learning, got this fire hot to keep burning,

    Two eyes to see, two ears to hear and a heart that beats,

    Temptations chasing after every one of these,

    Somehow this will bring out the very best in me,

    What a recipe,





    My faith is bigger than the mountain that stands against me,

    And my passion’s greater than the doubt that tries to tempt me,

    And when the storm comes rolling in and all hope gets swept by the violent wind,

    I know that I was made and built for this, it won’t wreck me,

    Inside I got a power that came from God that won’t let me,

    Settle for thoughts that keep saying I’m weak and I’m bending,

    My life is over it’s ending,

    But that ain’t true cuz I’m trending,

    Upon a path that I’ll finish, gotta keep an attitude that’s relentless,

    Two eyes to see, two ears to hear and a heart that beats,

    This life will test the strength of every one of these,

    But the only way to know the taste of victory,

    Is to know defeat,





    See He foreknew me way before I knew me,

    In my mom’s womb heaven prescribed destiny,

    A table spread, a purpose as an heir,

    So I combat these pressures that combat me,

    To feel worthless, forget my purpose, make me feel weak,

    I’ll overcome,

    Cuz I’ve been purchased by the son,





    To be remarkable, I was made to be, oh He made me to be,

    Purpose filled and valuable,

    To be a light unto the world,

    I was made to be, I was made to be,


  • 03:53 Lyrics 180 ft. Arize


    I switched up and I ain’t going back,

    I ain’t going back (x4)



    Back to the block where they blast you,

    Over what you bang and your tattoos,

    Every other day is a bad mood,

    When your life is thrown like a crap shoot,

    Doing all the things that the fam do,

    Slanging that black for the fast loot,

    But that life’s so full of that emptiness,

    There ain’t nothing for me to go back to so I’m gone,

    Everything I did when I was living a way,

    That was full of hatred and pain it was so wrong,

    Cuz everything I did was about blowing them trees,

    And finding ways that would keep me so gone,

    Now it’s obvious,

    The path I’m on’s full of godliness,

    Cuz everyday my mind’s being transformed,

    To put me into my prime, Optimus, whoa,

    Every single day I’m on my 180,

    In every single way I’m on my 180,

    Yup, it’s white and black,

    16 in the game boy check the facts,

    Ain’t been the same since I met the Lord,

    And there ain’t no way that I’m going back, no,



    I went from being lost to being found,

    Royalty without a crown,

    Just when the devil thought he had me trapped,

    I switched up and I ain’t going back,




    Bridge 2

    Yuh, I did a 180 in 3 60’s,

    Yuh, But you bruh did a 360,

    Yuh, Now all I need is 3 16’s,

    Yuh, To remind you bout John 3:16,



    What happened bruh,

    When it went down we stayed together,

    Prayed together, till the weather got better,

    Last that I heard you were chasing that cheddar,

    Seeking that coke from the moment you get up,

    Lost your joy now you’re feeling all bitter,

    You wanna get up but you’re feeling too crippled,

    On your own but it ain’t so simple, Oh,

    Just lay it unto God and brind 180 back,

    He will keep you safe from all the attacks,

    It ain’t too late,

    Turn your faith up and seek His faith,

    Never lose hope in the King of Kings,

    Cuz nothing can compare to the love he brings,

    Every single day I’m on my 180,

    In every single way I’m on my 180,

    Yup, I’m fit to go,

    Put the word up in my heart now it’s all I know,

    Got ahold of that truth that’ll save my soul,

    And there ain’t no way that I’m letting go, no,







    You know, I know, They know,

    I’ve been turnt and I ain’t the same ol’,

    Dude that you knew, I’ve been switched up,

    My brain did a 180 I’m ok tho, listen,

    They know, I know, you know,

    I used to be cold as ice, Pluto,

    You can tell I got that flame and it burns for Christ,

    No one else, He’s the only uno, uh,

    Every single day I’m on my 180,

    In every single way I’m on my 180,

    Yup, it’s plain to see,

    My past is right where it’s suppose to be,

    It’s dead and gone, dead and gone,

    Darkness no longer has a hold of me, no,


    Bridge 2



  • 03:26 Lyrics Turn It Up ft. Illuminate


    Smash through with the bass on slump,

    All turnt with the stereo up,

    In the streets where we rattle that trunk,

    If they say turn it down tell em,

    I’mma turn it up, (x4)

    We got a reason to be loud, tell em,



    Can’t believe that we go so hard,

    Got them haters straight trippin like, Oh my God,

    Electric to make the place get charged,

    With a flow so tight that it hugs to the bars,

    In the back lifting up that star,

    By the mention of His name you should know who we are,

    Look at the scars and you’ll see from the start,

    That none of us really should have made it this far so,





    Living life sincere,

    With eyes wide open that can see so clear,

    And like a foreign car,

    Manufactured in a place that is not from here,

    And as the end draws near,

    Gotta turn it up louder so the world can hear,

    Bout a truth that geared,

    To set them free from the weed and the beer,

    Going to a place where there’s no more tears,

    No more pain and there’s no more fear,

    Gotta a reason to rejoice and it starts right here,

    If they say turn it down tell em get to the rear,

    2 steps with our hands in the air,

    You can feel the shift in the atmosphere,

    Rollin deep with my California bears,

    We a whole new breed with a style so rare, so,





    Turn your volume and your faith to the max,

    This is more than just music, this is truth on these tracks,

    Yea, through the turf with a cross on our back,

    While the worlds telling lies I came to give you the facts,

    Bout the one that gave His life just to reconcile,

    Then He rose and swallowed death like a crocodile,

    Gotta smile when I think about my King, cuz,

    Since the day I met Him I ain’t ever been the same,

    Needed truth, I was tired of them games,

    So I called upon His name in exchange got changed,

    It was so lame all the money and the fame,

    And them drugs in my veins couldn’t take away the pain,

    A soul drained addicted to cocain,

    And spittin that propane and stuck in the dope game,

    Until my hope came yea Christ He broke chains,

    All you need to hear is Jesus you don’t need no other name, tell em,



  • 03:57 Lyrics My Faith


    Nothing guarantees that I will see tomorrow,

    I’m fortunate enough to make it through the day,

    I know that every moment that I have is borrowed,

    Reality is knowing all I really own is my faith,

    My faith (x6)

    All I really own is my faith,

    My faith (x6)



    Should’ve been dead long ago,

    Or looking past bars in my window,

    Everything I knew about this life I was living,

    Was based off of EBT and being dead broke,

    With my big brother living just to gang bang,

    And my pops caught up in that dope game,

    My feet were traveling a road,

    That would have me on a crash course doing the same thang,

    But then I met God’s providence,

    And I learned about a hope that was prominent,

    Fa-Faith came to me and it changed my life,

    At a time that my pride was dominant,

    And it seemed like death was definite,

    But it bowed to a God that’s infinite,

    When He spoke right to me and He reached right through me,

    And I saw the display of His eminence, uh,

    Like that I was born again,

    That minute I knew that I was born to win,

    No more living in emptiness,

    Finally my life started making sense,

    I know now that I’ve been heaven sent,

    My trust in Christ is evident,

    He took my sin and embarrassment,

    And when He died on the cross He buried it,

    He buried it, He buried it,

    When He died on the cross He buried it,

    He took my sin and embarrassment,

    And when He died on the cross He buried it,

    He buried it, He buried it,

    When He died on the cross He buried it,

    He took my sin and embarrassment,

    So I take my faith and I cherish it, yo,





    Trying to come up on the day to day,

    A little more money and I’ll have it made,

    Just gotta get that house, gotta get that car,

    Gotta live that dream, gotta be that star,

    Not knowing it would fade away,

    I kept trying to fill up an empty space,

    Founded up in my heart it was black and grey,

    But the light came in and established faith,

    Trying to be an American idol,

    Kept me chasing every one of Americas idols,

    What I really needed was a state of revival,

    So that I could know the one they talk about in the bible,

    Cuz the world isn’t kind to me,

    The old man hates who I’m trying to be,

    My flesh wants nothing but to lie to me,

    But that’s why the Truth came to die for me,

    So I can be free from the tyranny,

    To kill this doubt that resides in me,

    He made me new so that I can see what I couldn’t see,

    See the irony,

    No more chasing after lifestyles that appear clean but then leave a stain,

    No more following the footsteps of a culture that’s being led astray,

    No more chasing that status when all it does I leave me in disarray,

    And my pride is not objective,

    So I’m done being subjected,

    No longer will I chase acceptance from my sin that’s been rejected,

    There’s no need to be living in death when I serve a God that’s resurrected, yo,



This album features Contemporary Christian Artist Jon Shabaglian and Christian Hip-Hop Artists Illuminate, Lynell, Arize and Izreal. Stay connected with Seven-T at the links below and enjoy!
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