Go Off ft. Illuminate & Lynell





I've been doing this since I was an adolescent,

Been dancing and praising my Lord with every second,

Ha, Dedicated committed I'm in it,

Even when I'm running this race and I feel it's leaving me breathless,

Huh, Everybody said that I wasn't fit to be anybody,

But through Christ I'm now a part of a bigger body,

Even when I'm in the darkest of nights,

And I'm in the fight of my life,

You know that I'm always going to be about it,

Haters hate it when I walk around and talk about,

The way the name of Jesus carries power to raise up the dead,

I'm on a mission just listen I got the vision,

It's steady clear in my head follow me as I follow him,

The fires burning it's bound to ignite the furnace that's lying beneath the surface,

To the depths of the heart of men,

We got that purpose that's penetrating the hurting the broken the needy,

We ain't gonna stop till we bring em in,

So every time you hear us speak the name Christ, we're speaking that life,

Known to resurrect and restore the soul,

Redeeming those that's bitter cold,  Restoring the streets,

Until we see their eyes are full of that eternal hope,

Breaking chains and breaking yolks and pulling down strongholds,

And we ain't gonna stop till we break em all,

That's why we came, to stimulate the brain,

And rearrange your frame, now it's time for us Go Off!



Go Off (Repeat X8)



Go off sick with no cough,

I'm anti depressant call me zoloft,

Yall religious folks are so soft,

Always wanna judge but you ain't no boss,

That's how ya Blessings get tore off,

It's like ya teeing to live like Christ with no cross,

And what I mean by that is no Grace,

Cause without that what good is yo faith,

Hope you take this straight with no chase,

cause in the Kingdom it ain't got no place,

We're all growing and not at yo pace,

Some go fast and others a slow race,

But that never determines the Kings love,

He still wanted me when I was a young thug,

That's when His love hit my heart like an arrow,

And sent me on a mission like Moses to see Pharaoh,





I go off for the Kingdom Cause,

Man I ain’t of this world, I don’t need no applause,

Because I’m led by the King of the Kings no pause,

Christ driven like I’m coming with about 5 cars,

Been redeemed by the blood of the lamb,

My sin is covered by the red crimson like ‘Bama,

My God, He be the Leader, on high like a banner,

Life on this Earth be a flash like a camera, compared to eternity,

Dedicated, man to elevate Him,

The haters hate Him, but us followers we celebrate Him,

The devil try to reach His level like an elevator,

I’ve been delivered man, goodbye, no I wont see you later,

Na, cuz sin gots to go,

Tho the world seem cold like a popsicle,

Man He died and he rose on the third to show,

With God nothings impossible Go off,