Jesus Loves You Like That ft. Jon Shabaglian




Jesus loves you like that,

When you're feeling hard pressed and you can't express,

Wounds from broken promises,

Just come as your are,

Jesus loves you like that,

No need to try to get yourself clean,

Cuz right now He is calling,

Saying come as you are,

Jesus loves you like that,




When you looking at your face,

Do you cake it all up cuz you're feeling disgraced,

Ma, like what the people gon' say,

It doesn't really matter cuz,

Jesus loves you like that,

In the midst of your storm,

Feeling incomplete since you lost your arm,

Depressed down and out thinking what's going on,

One thing you need to know is,

Jesus loves you like that,

With all your insecurities,

All your fragility's and your inabilities,

Listen to me I'm here to send hope to the streets,

In spite of who you think you are,

Jesus loves you like that,

Yeah, with all of your mistakes,

All of your problems and all of your shame,

All of your ways,

Even with your sinful stains in all of your pain,






You take a blade your wrist,

And you cut it all up in cuz you're feeling dismissed,

Huh, like they don't care about this,

You really need to know that,

When you're tippin that can,

And you're hoping it will help you to erase your past,

Trying to forget cuz it hurts so bad,

You may not know it but,

With all your weight and all your baggage,

All your bad words, bad thoughts and bad habits,

All bound up it ain't the way that He planned it,

Open up and take a look,

In the muck and in the mire,

Even through the test, through the smoke, through the fire,

When it all comes right down to the wire,

Pray to God and just believe,





(Come As You Are x2 in background)

Rich compassion,

Moved to action,

Fueled by passion,

God's divine reaction,

Sees our deep need,

Of pride, lust and greed,

He willingly offered to bleed it's true,

Jesus loves you like