The Least I Can Do ft. Michelle Tubera





Uh, I was just a young man,
Full of selfish ambition,
A selfish walk selfish talk and too selfish to listen,
Stacking cream chasing women living fast paced,
Self made was the focus of my mind state,
I was stuck in the now but you could see my future,
I still wonder how you could ever pull me through it,
Pursued me even when I wasn't really worth pursuing,
You're faithful that's the only reason why you do it,
And there were many moments I said leave me alone,
But you were too busy trying to lead your boy home,
And I was ice cold telling you to let go,
Your goodness made this love burn hot – fuego,
That's why I'm blazing trails call me a trail blazer,
Fan the flame so the whole world can see the maker,
You gave your very life,
So I can be free,
The least I can do is give you all of me,


Take my life and use it for you glory,
Take my heart I long to tell your story,
Of how you died for wretched men,
The only one who knew no sin,
Just to know us,
So the least I can do is give you my life,


I thought that I was strong but I found that I was weak,
I'm just a breath when compared to all eternity,
My view was skewed thinking time is really all I need,
But death is certain I'm certain I'm here for more than me,
Gotta lay my life down, deny myself of all my pleasures,
Gonna do it right now, no longer chasing earthly treasures,
Cuz I've been broken, I'm desperate, I'm taking desperate measures,
With all my heart, soul, and mind I stand surrendered,
Do what you will even if it goes against my will,
I trust you even if it goes against the way I feel,
Cuz everything I feel half the time ain't even real,
The only thing that's left to do is let the Truth prevail,
I ain't got much to offer,
But what I do I give,
I pray you use me to compel the world to come in,
You gave your very life,
So this life can truly live,
The least that I can do is give my life back again,



In everything I do I just want you to know that I,
Give my life,
With all that I have I just want you to know that I,
Give my life to you my Lord,
Cuz you're all I'm living for,
The only one for me,
Cuz you set me free,
The least that I can do is give my all,


It's what I'm standing on, to worship with a life song,
To count this world as loss, eternity's where I belong,
I know you're by my side when everything is going wrong,
And when I'm weak I know you're spirit's here to keep me strong,
I'm praising you with all my heart, soul and attitude,
And time itself just ain't enough to show my graditude,
You made a way for this sinful man to know the truth,
You gave it all for me, I give it all for you,