Turn It Up ft. Illuminate




Smash through with the bass on slump,

All turnt with the stereo up,

In the streets where we rattle that trunk,

If they say turn it down tell em,

I’mma turn it up, (x4)

We got a reason to be loud, tell em,



Can’t believe that we go so hard,

Got them haters straight trippin like, Oh my God,

Electric to make the place get charged,

With a flow so tight that it hugs to the bars,

In the back lifting up that star,

By the mention of His name you should know who we are,

Look at the scars and you’ll see from the start,

That none of us really should have made it this far so,





Living life sincere,

With eyes wide open that can see so clear,

And like a foreign car,

Manufactured in a place that is not from here,

And as the end draws near,

Gotta turn it up louder so the world can hear,

Bout a truth that geared,

To set them free from the weed and the beer,

Going to a place where there’s no more tears,

No more pain and there’s no more fear,

Gotta a reason to rejoice and it starts right here,

If they say turn it down tell em get to the rear,

2 steps with our hands in the air,

You can feel the shift in the atmosphere,

Rollin deep with my California bears,

We a whole new breed with a style so rare, so,





Turn your volume and your faith to the max,

This is more than just music, this is truth on these tracks,

Yea, through the turf with a cross on our back,

While the worlds telling lies I came to give you the facts,

Bout the one that gave His life just to reconcile,

Then He rose and swallowed death like a crocodile,

Gotta smile when I think about my King, cuz,

Since the day I met Him I ain’t ever been the same,

Needed truth, I was tired of them games,

So I called upon His name in exchange got changed,

It was so lame all the money and the fame,

And them drugs in my veins couldn’t take away the pain,

A soul drained addicted to cocain,

And spittin that propane and stuck in the dope game,

Until my hope came yea Christ He broke chains,

All you need to hear is Jesus you don’t need no other name, tell em,